Recent News in the Scientific Community!

By: Charles Jerome R. Bartolo


The production of most materials wastes potentially useful resources. A method to produce materials atom per atom is only used for laser materials, used in telecommunications, because of its rather high production costs and size limitations. Researchers led by Chad Mirkin at the Northwestern Univerisity in Evanston, Illinois have devised a way to manipulate gold nanoparticles into different crystalline structure to possibly highly particular and complex shapes and sizes, only by utilizing DNA.

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Source: Science Magazine



Cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar cells have been modified to produce a higher voltage output than its previous model, increasing its voltage near that of the GaAs solar cells, the current highest-voltage record holder.

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Source: Nature Magazine



Transition states are momentary chemical species produced by your reactants before they turn into products. Scientists are unable to determine the energy of these short-lived species due to their instability and short life span. However, a team of scientists led by Joshua Baraban at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Source: Scientific American


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